Kitchen Collection

A life experience with linen

It’s nice to walk into the kitchen and find everything you need to turn on the stove. The pleasure of products of the land, the rhythm of the seasons, the use the right tools for each recipe, the correct tool for each mixture. We love the bright and warm color of pure linen dishcloths that decorate the kitchen, we admire the clean designs, the thousand shades of color that evoke the world of the sea, the branches of the trees, the fruits of nature. True colors, pure colors, intense contrasts. Touch the purity of linen that recalls the ribbing of the plant world. Admire the ability of linen to absorb water from the hands, to gently dry fruits and vegetables. It’s fantastic the delicacy of linen wrapped around a crystal glass. We like the body of the flax-blend bulk cloth, the sharp play of the canvas. That raw and primitive value of natural color. And immediately we return to the times of our childhood, to the fabrics used by grandmother, to the flavors of the past.