Linen table collections

A life experience with linen

I love social life.
I love inviting friends to dinner, my dearest relatives to a Sunday lunch, my colleagues to a lovely brunch. I love setting the table for my family at breakfast and dinner to give a special meaning to a moment of the day when we stay together, even for a few minutes.

I believe that lunch is a rite that needs to be prepared in details, with different shades.

The table cloth, the napkin, the american table set and the runner have a special meanings and different roles.

But I like to shuffle the cards; I combine the retrò flavor classic tablecloth with geometric modern plates, the garndma plates with a striped and crumpled tablecloth, the linen runners or the american table sets with wooden or ceramic tools to create a volumetric contrast.

And I always, always, always, I love using linen napkins. What is nobler to use for your mouth?