Linen Bath Line

A life experience with linen

I love devoting some time to myself, I love taking a hot bath at the end of a long day, I love listening to the sound of the flowing water, I love to get wrapped by the fragrances of the essential oils and of the soapy water.

I love lighting up a candle and listening to the notes of a well played guitar in the background.

And then the most beautiful instant: I go out of the water and a linen towel wraps me. A feeling of purity on my skin, the softness of the noble and natural that caresses my face.

As if by magic, water vanishes from my body. Only a real and pure linen towel has this power.

And so, in a simple way, every morning and every evening my trusty towel is ready to take care of my face and of my neckline with its soft touch.

No rubi s needed, a simple touch on my skin is enough to dry it.

You just need to try it to understand that you will not (be able to) use anything else.

Bath collection products:

  • Set of two towels with lace
  • Set of two towels with hemstitch