Linen Kitchen Line

a life experience with linen

I love coming into the kitchen and finding all I need to turn on the stove.

I love the products of the land, I love to follow the seasons when I choose the best ingredients, I love using the right pot for every recipe and the right tool for every kitchen task.

I love the bright and warm colour of the pure linen Kitchen Towels that furnish the kitchen, queen of my home. I love admiring the clean design with thousands of shades recalling the sea world, the tree fronds and the fruits from nature.

True colours, pure colours, intense contrasts. I love touching linen that recalls the veining of the vegetal world. I admire how linen absorbs water from my hand and how softly it dries fruits and vegetables.

I admire how gently linen wraps the crystal glasses that I am drying.

I love the fullness of a mixed lined herringbone Kitchen Towels, the ribbed pattern of its cloth. I love the raw and primal value of its natural colour.

Suddenly I go back to my childhood, to the fabrics used by my grandma, to the flavors of the past.

Our products:

  • Pure linen Kitchen Towels with digital print
  • Mixed linen Strofinacci with ribbed pattern